Top Camera Phones to use in 2022

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Top Camera Phones to use in 2022

September 27, 2022 Digital Cameras Gadgets Updates 0

Camera phones are the favorite among selfie lovers. Take a look at out picks. In a generation where we cannot live without phones, camera phones got these bricks into everyone’s hand. Almost all of us who wish to buy or change our phone, must look at this aspect whether we are photo person or not. In today’s word we are so much connected to social media that hardly we could find someone who does not have a niche for this instant photo sharing trend.


Well, then we went ahead scoured the internet for all the best possible smartphones procured for this addiction of masses and compiled a list of them as we studied them. For in-depth testing, our consideration points were  looking for photo comparisons, low-light performance, optical zoom, variable aperture and many more.

Here is the list of the best camera smartphones on offer.


By far the best smartphone Google has pulled out of its magic hat, Google Pixel 2XL when pitted against the likes of iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9+, has the best camera performance ever. Low light photography is consistent, and the overall performance is bang on target while taking self-portraits.

Though the lens on this one is individual one, Google has managed to use computational power to its best and brought out the best Portrait mode results. And they can do the same with the first camera.


Though Samsung decided to stick to the same design philosophy as last years, their main area of focus was camera and its features. Having 2 rear lens means, the users could reap more benefits if given right functionality. That is where Samsung put all their good work. Variable aperture in the main rear camera means, low light photography can take sharper snaps even in dark.

Moreover, they packed in a dedicated memory for the camera so that noise can be reduced from the finished result.


Apple pulled a stunner when they focused all their efforts to bring in a new line of product. And viola – they got the best iPhone ever made iPhone X. A master piece that could match the prowess of Google Pixel 2XL and mind you google is on 2nd generation of their flagship and iPhone X’s 1st iteration is already at par.

The 2x Optical zoom, more detailed image with sharpness intact and Portrait mode are made possible due to a dual camera setup on the rear and software work they put into the front TrueDepth camera.


For less than $400, you are getting a dual 12-MP cameras with 2.3x optical zoom capacity are itself more than enough to market this one. Dedicated color correction sensor, 4 axis optical stabilizer full featured pro mode on this one, make sure that you don’t have a shaky image ever. 13MP front camera and a battery with enough juice for a day are its key features.

Asus has entered the market for the best top-end camera phones in the market and doing a pretty good job at it.

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The on-board smarts that Kirin 970 processor brings in with a dedicated neural processing unit make this phone a better experience while taking selfies with its 8-MP front camera. And this overall combination churns out the best selfies ever. This phone like Google Pixel 2XL stands out more because of its camera gimmicks.

Huawei is a household name for wifi connectors. The phone provides a full day use for heavy duty users with smart battery management. Along with that, you can also enjoy the point and shoot perfection to capture every perfect moment.

#6. LG V30

This is a video phone more over than a photo camera phone, on this list goes to LG V30. Its 16 filters can give you the right setting for the right mood. Point zoom feature unlike other centered zooms is one more reason while many photo people will prefer this.

The wide angle photos and videos are the easy cakes here. Upcoming iterations should see some AI features added to juice out more from this maverick.

#7. HTC U11

We provide a unique smartphone with excellent camera as well as video shooting features for all camera phone lovers to try now. The HTC U11 is largely understated when it comes to camera lists. However, the phone has one of the best cameras out there.

It can go toe to toe against any of the phones you’ve read about so far. The 12MP camera seems quite regular, but it’s especially good for low light shooting.

#8. Sony Xperia XZ1

All the audio lovers in the world about the expertise of Sony in making audio products and Sony Xperia XZ1 is not different either. The Xperia XZ1 comes with some interesting camera technologies inside. The predictive capture feature intelligently clicks the right emotion, while the phone also makes an effort to reduce blur on moving subjects.

The Xperia XZ1 isn’t the most dependable camera out there, but if you have enough time, it can take some excellent photos.

Now You Choose:

The camera phones are making a transition from providing smart camera lenses to ultimate videography experience to the smartphone lovers. It is also being argued that HD quality films can be made through your smartphones. Many new smartphone filmmakers and YouTubers are looking for the best camera smartphones for their work. These are the all-ime best camera smartphones van you can ever to buy for yourself. Try the features of every phone and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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